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312 9th Street SW, Waverly, Iowa 50677

(319) 352-4120


Amanda Ramthun

As an employee of Waverly Health Center, when my family needs care, my first thought is WHC. Our daughter Quinn is nearly six months old. She was born at WHC and sees Dr. Stacy Wagner in the Christophel Clinic for her well child visits.

Quinn is a happy and active baby who has met all of her developmental milestones. At Quinn’s four month appointment, Dr. Wagner expressed concern with a flat spot developing on the back of Quinn’s head. I had noticed that Quinn favored lying and turning her head one way over the other and that this spot had started to develop. Dr. Wagner suggested that once Quinn turned six months she should see a specialist to see if she needed an infant helmet.

Fortunately, babies’ skulls grow very quickly at this age so it was possible the problem could improve on its own, but I wanted to do all I could to help improve her flat spot. I made an appointment with Marissa Shinstine, PT, DPT, at Taylor Physical Therapy. Our experience with physical therapy has been outstanding! Marissa is a natural with young children and Quinn always has so much fun at her appointments. Instead of doing only exercises and stretches, Marissa found a way to work with Quinn while distracting her with toys and fun sounds. Marissa has done a wonderful job explaining Quinn’s condition to my husband and me.  She has helped us understand our options and gave us at-home exercises so we could continue making progress outside of our appointments.

After two months of meeting with Marissa and doing our exercises and stretches with her at home, Quinn’s flat spot has significantly improved. We recently visited the specialist to be evaluated for the infant helmet. We were told that as long as Quinn continues with this progress we will not need the helmet! We are so grateful for all of the care, support and encouragement we have received through this process and highly recommend WHC and Taylor Physical Therapy!


Services provided by Taylor Physical Therapy Associates, LLC.


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