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312 9th Street SW, Waverly, Iowa 50677

(319) 352-4120


Meghan Landers

A house full of healthy boys. That’s what Meghan Landers, of Shell Rock, experiences every day, partially thanks to four successful deliveries at Waverly Health Center (WHC). Sons Kayden, Tegan and Jaydon, now 13, 10, and 7 years old, were born through routine cesarean section deliveries at WHC’s Birthing Center. It wasn’t until the delivery of their fourth son, Taelyn, now 5 years old, that Meghan and her husband had an experience that was anything but routine. 

In late December of 2017, following the delivery of Taelyn, her fourth child, Meghan’s blood pressure dramatically increased, causing her liver to start to fail. Meghan’s hospital stay was extended so that she could receive magnesium treatments. “I was comforted by having the familiar faces of the nurses around me.”

Over the years, Meghan got to know several of the nurses in the birthing center. “It is so home-like and personable.” Meghan shared. “You develop a bond and the nurses treat you like family.” Meghan would soon find out just how caring WHC’s nurses really are.    

On Christmas Eve, baby Taelyn was healthy enough to go home but mom’s health continued to decline. Hoping to be home on Christmas Day to celebrate the holiday as a family of six, Meghan and Taelyn stayed in the birthing center. “As horrible as it was, it was probably one of the best Christmases because of the nurses,” Meghan said. “It was like a spa day –  essential oil massages, legs wrapped in warm towels and fans blowing.” 

Jessica Dewey, RN, certified lactation consultant, and Jodi Holschlag, RN, were next to Meghan every step of the way. When Meghan was too weak to hold Taelyn to breastfeed, the nurses held the baby for her, helping her achieve her breastfeeding goals and supporting her physically and emotionally. 

The day after Christmas, Meghan’s health continued to decline and she was going to be transferred to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Meghan’s husband, Thad, rushed to find care for their children so he could get Taelyn from the hospital before Meghan departed, while Meghan tried to stay at WHC for as long as she could. 

Unfortunately, time was not on the family’s side. Jessica turned to Meghan and said “Meghan, you need to go. It’s time.” Meghan asked what would happen with the baby and without hesitation, Jessica replied “Give him to me. I’ll snuggle him.” 

Meghan passed Taelyn off to Jessica as they wheeled her away. “I never once questioned the care he would receive with the nurses. It was like I was leaving him with trusted friends.”

Five years later, Meghan and her family continue to seek care at Waverly Health Center and Christophel Clinic is their chosen family practice clinic. “There is no one else I would trust with my family’s care and there is no place I would rather deliver than WHC.” Meghan said. “We are so thankful that the birthing center nursing staff are a part of our family’s story.”