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312 9th Street SW, Waverly, Iowa 50677

(319) 352-4120

Waverly Health Center Names November/December Spotlight on Values Award Winners and 4th Qtr Provider Winner!

Corrie Ramige | December 22nd, 2021

Seven members of the Waverly Health Center (WHC) team have been named November/December Spotlight on Values award winners. Nominated by co-workers, patients and members of the community, these individuals are examples of WHC’s values in action.

Kaelyn Hearn of Clarksville, Medical/Surgical, was recognized for the value of Compassion. Kaelyn was caring for a patient who was at the end of his life. The patient’s family member came to visit and brought a letter. The family member’s hope was to read the letter to the patient. However, when she arrived and saw her family member her emotions prevented her from being able to read the letter. Kaelyn offered to read the letter for the family member, in which the family agreed. The family huddled around the patient as Kaelyn sat next to him and read the heartfelt letter from the family member. Kaelyn was able to grant the wish of the family member and allowed the patient to hear how loved he was. The family member was beyond thankful for Kaelyn and her compassionate gesture. The patient passed away only a few days later. Kaelyn was able to make one of his last days extra special with his family at his side. Her compassion will be remembered for years to come and will remain a special moment for this patient’s family.
Shelly Dillon of Sumner, Education, was recognized for the value of Enthusiasm. Her nominator wrote, “Shelly always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude. You could be having the worst day and Shelly comes by with chocolate and conversation and makes it all better. When the clinics are short staffed, she jumps in without hesitation to help. Thank you, Shelly, for all you do for the providers, nurses, receptionists, and admin staff. We are lucky to have you.”
Alex Lenton of Cedar Falls, Admissions, was recognized for the value of Excellence. His nominator commented, “Alex exemplifies excellence each and every day at Waverly Health Center. Alex always brings the best attitude and biggest smile to work. Alex is patient-focused and will do anything to help a fellow coworker out, even if he does not know the answer himself. Although everyone might not always see the behind the scenes work you do, we are grateful to have you as a part of the admissions team and the family at WHC.”
Kim Rago of Waterloo, Quality Services, was recognized for the value of Innovation. Her nominator stated, “Kim took on a large patient care improvement project. She researched back through hundreds of charts looking for trends, then took that information and worked with additional departments to discuss and implement improvements from the start of the patient’s care in the clinic to their hospital discharge care. Thank you Kim for your time and attention to this project!”
April Kramer of Bristow, Radiology, was recognized for the value of Integrity. Her nominator commented, “She is our go-to person whenever we need help or don’t understand a process within our department and that is so special and important. Honesty and accountability are very important in our work environment and she exemplifies those traits always! She is amazing and we would not be able to run as smoothly without her dedication to our department.”
Jodi Geerts of New Hampton, Administration, was recognized for the value of Leadership. Her nominators stated, “We would like to nominate Jodi for the values of excellence and leadership because she has been instrumental in elevating the work of the Medical Executive Committee over the last year. Jodi has done this successfully using a sense of humor, expertise, patience, and enthusiasm. We could not have done it without her and are grateful.”
Dr. Matt Glascock of Cedar Falls, received WHC’s Quarterly Provider Spotlight on Values Award. He was nominated for his dedication to excellent patient care and his compassion that accompanies it. One nominator wrote, “Dr. Glascock was called for a special case that needed immediate attention. He took the patient under his care and was able to remain calm, assisting the patient with the utmost compassion and care.” Another nominator commented regarding a specific patient case, “Dr. Glascock should be recognized for his willingness to take on a challenging surgery and lead the entire hospital team for the duration of the patient’s care.


WHC has adopted six values which include compassion, enthusiasm, excellence, innovation, integrity and leadership. The Spotlight on Values program recognizes WHC employees, volunteers and physicians for demonstrating these values. Patients, visitors and employees are encouraged to submit nominations for the WHC Spotlight on Values honors. Nominations can be submitted online at or at any Spotlight on Values ballot boxes placed throughout the health center.

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